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7 Tips to Feel Your Best When Traveling

Summer vacations are some of the best memories that I have, and I always look forward to my next trip with my family. But let’s be honest, the disruption in your daily routine can also mean exhaustion, bloating, and not feeling your best.

The time changes and late nights disrupt your Circadian rhythm, long days of travel and changes in dietary habits can lead to unpleasant digestive changes, and stress levels may sky rocket when you’re trying to stick to a schedule, make your flights, and keep the family peace.

So many of us come home feeling like we need a vacation to recover from our vacation. If this is you, read on for some tips for making traveling a bit easier on your body.

Pack Healthy Snacks

Most airport and airplane food is loaded with sodium, making you more likely to bloat and swell. Pack healthy snacks so that you can avoid choosing foods loaded with artificial ingredients, excess calories, and unnecessary sodium. Fiber rich foods are also great for keeping you regular while traveling.

Some of my favorite snacks for travel are:

  • Chomps beef sticks

  • Unsalted trail mix (Trader Joe’s has a ton of yummy options)

  • Fruit. You can find fruit and veggies at most airports in the convenience stores.

  • Veggies and hummus

  • Protein bars. Look for ones higher in protein and lower in sugar. Avoid bars with artificial sweeteners in them. My favorites are Go Macro, RxBars, and B.T.R. Nation.

I also make sure to have plenty of healthy options available in my room. It’s a lot easier to make an unhealthy choice if you’ve gone too long without eating and your blood sugar has dropped. You end up grabbing the first thing you see, which is likely not the greatest for you.

Don’t Skimp on Movement:

You don’t need to stick with the same gym routine you have at home and your vacation movement doesn’t need to be anything rigorous. But, I do encourage some sort of movement daily. A walk after lunch can go a long way for your digestive health, and you will likely sleep better at night if you’ve incorporated physical activity into your day.

Compression Socks:

These sexy little things can make a huge difference in how you feel after a long day of traveling, whether by plane or by car. These socks help prevent blood clots and swelling if you have a long period of sitting still in the car or on an airplane. I love these ones, they are cute and functional and the best part is I never have to worry about swollen ankles during my flight.

Get plenty of sleep:

Stick as close as possible to your normal bedtime and wakup routine. This advice is for adults too, not just for the kiddos. It’s important to be flexible but maintaining a sleep schedule as close to your normal one can help reduce fatigue and lethargy, making your vacation that much more enjoyable.

Morning Sunlight:

Getting morning sun exposure within an hour of waking will boost your cortisol and let your body know it’s time to wake up and get going. It can help you feel energized and ready to start the day.

Stay Hydrated:

I can’t stress the importance of water enough, especially when traveling. When you’re dehydrated your heart rate increases, your energy levels drop, and you can experience bloating and swollen ankles.

Bring along a reusable water bottle and a great rule to stand by is 50oz before noon, 50oz before bed.

I also recommend drinking a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages. If you know you are going to be having more than one glass of alcohol, break up your intake with plenty of water in between.

Don’t Overindulge:

I’m a big fan of trying new foods and also not depriving myself of tasty treats. However, I also encourage everything in moderation. If you want a yummy dessert, share it with a friend. Is that Cinnamon Crunch french toast calling your name at the breakfast table? Ask if they offer it in a side portion and load up on eggs or Greek yogurt first to get your protein in.

And the most important tip of all is have fun!!


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